About these pages

These web pages were used as slides during a talk given by Andreas Stiller and Harald Bögeholz at the MMIXfest at Fachhochschule München on October 6, 2001. They do not claim to tell the full story by themselves, so they probably don't make sense if you haven't heard the accompanying talk.

The Java applet Guesser

The Java applet used in this presentation was a quick hack I did specifically for this purpose. Since I am not an expert in Java programming, I don't claim this is a good example in Java programming, furthermore, there is no warranty of any kind. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't (keyboard input doesn't seem to work on all platforms; try clicking in the white space under the control bar!). Anyway, play with it as much of you like or look at the source code to find out what it does (or why it doesn't work as it should).
Incidentally, if anybody could tell me how to get the applet to recognize keyboard input without first having to activate detailsCanvas by clicking on it, I could learn something about Java from him/her. Also the numeric keypad doesn't seem to work under Linux (yes, I have turned on NumLock). Please send me a mail to hwb@heise.de if you can help.


Although there is really not much here, I ask that none of the material of this presentation is reproduced anywhere without my permission. This also applies to the little applet: look at the code freely, but don't sell it as your own ;-).

Harald Bögeholz.